100 Happy Thoughts – The First 20

Hazel from My Nutty Dubai did a really great post a few months ago on how she brought a focus on things that bring her happiness into her life. You can read about it here. I thought this was such a great idea for me to do that I started compiling it on that day – Sunday, August 6, 2017.

It has been a year of challenges and learnings and I also needed to focus on the things that brought me happiness each day.

Because this is a humongous read, I’m splitting it into 5 separate posts, each with 20 entries.

So here are my first 20 of 100 happy thoughts 🙂

Day 1 (6 August 2017) – Coming across Hazel’s 100 Happy Thoughts page and starting this post.

Day 2 – I finished my input on the HR syndicate group assignment, now I can focus on my individual assignment. Both are for the same day (16 August).

Day 3 – Watching Downton Abbey with Che – we managed 3 episodes.

Day 4 (9 August 2017) – Women’s Day in South Africa, hence a public holiday. I read read read.

Day 5 – I can smell spring in the air, it was warm and the wind was not cold.

Day 6  – My favourite lunch of sushi and cappuccino. 

Day 7 – Food shopping with Che, I love our routine – first lunch, then the food market, followed by a cappuccino at our favourite coffee shop 🙂

Day 8 – Reading reading reading. I haven’t read much that isn’t related to my Social Entrepreneurship Programme. I sat in the sun reading for the better part of the day, and it was bliss. I almost finished the book but left some for enjoyment during the next week.

Day 9 – Had my Action Learning Project feedback session. Even though I am behind on this project I learned a lot from the feedback.

Day 10 – I had the honour of coaching 3 wonderful speakers for the Agile Africa conference.

Day 11 – Day of speaker coaching – amazing talks and I’m looking forward to seeing them deliver them next week. Also saw a friend I hadn’t seen in a few years.

Day 12 – Returned home after being away for 2 days training. It was great to come back to the love and warmth of home.

Day 13 – I finished my assignment. Now I can enjoy the weekend and get back to things like blogging.

Day 14 – Vegging out in the sun. Che and I also went to the food lovers market and bought yummy ingredients for yummy dishes.

Day 15 – Agile Africa speakers dinner. Wonderful to meet old friends and make new ones.

Day 16 – Day 1 of Agile Africa – I MC’d the main ballroom and got to hear some great talks by new up and coming speakers.

Day 17 – Day 2 of Agile Africa where a new friend and I are concocting an exciting new project. We’re going to connect again in 2 weeks time. Watch this space!

Day 18 – I am home again, sleeping in my own bed, and got to have the first real cup of coffee since Sunday, bliss!

Day 19 – I had my hair done.

Day 20 – Friday it’s Fri-daay! Downton Abbey in the evening.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this first instalment of 100 happy thoughts. Come back tomorrow for the second one.


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