100 Happy Thoughts – The Fourth 20

And now for the fourth instalment of 100 happy thoughts (80/100). Click here to read the first 20 and here to read the second 20 and here for the third 20.

Day 61 – Had a good session with my syndicate group at GIBS – this is our last assignment together.

Day 62 – It’s FRIDAAAAY baby! Nuff said…

Day 63 – Food shopping with Che, my favourite weekly activity.

Day 64 – Stayed over at my folks, tomorrow I go with my Mom to Cape Town for a few days!

Cap of clouds over Table Mountain, draping, almost like a table cloth
©2017 Regina Martins

Day 65 – Cape Town! It is so windy! But look at the stunning views I had today…nothing happier 🙂 

Day 66 – Flying back home to Che. Cape Town is great, but the traffic in the southern suburbs – golly gosh!

Day 67 – Our wedding anniversary!

Day 68 – I had fun today training people on Agile economics. It was a nice group, receptive and there were many good discussions during the course of the day.

Day 69 – Back and sleeping in my own bed after spending the last 2 nights in a B&B.

Day 70 – I had a 3 hour pamper at Ritzy’s Cafe Salon – facial, pedicure with gel and a full body hot stone massage. I was so relaxed, it was an amazing session. And I got a beautiful vase with flowers for my birthday tomorrow. 

Day 71 – My birthday! I got a spa voucher from Che! I love spa vouchers!

Day 72 – I must’ve burned 400 calories in my Zumba class – sweet!

Day 73 – Dropped off my car for a service and Che and I had breakfast on our way home.

Day 74 – Vigorous zumba class, and it was most enjoyable. The best hour of maximum calorie busting workout.

Day 75 – No traffic on my way to and from my client.

Day 76 – Long weekend away in Bela Bela with family. I enjoyed swimming in the heated pool.

Day 77 – Lolling in the heated pool in the evening.

Day 78 – I did all the driving this weekend, something I enjoy doing.

Day 79 – Worked from home.

Day 80 – Worked from home again.

Come back tomorrow for the fifth and final instalment of this 100 happy days series.