100 Happy Thoughts – The Third 20

Here follows the third instalment of 100 happy thoughts (60/100). Click here to read the first 20 and here to read the second 20.

Day 41 – A day where I did some great BizDev!

Day 42 – Spent the day with my sister, niece and brother-in-law. It has been a while and it was awesome visiting them. Had Chinese food for lunch. It was such a warm balmy day. Lovely! On the way home I stopped by Westpack Packaging and got some boxes and plastic containers to begin packing up the kitchen. A new one in its place awaits! 

Day 43 – Breakfast with my Folks, brother, nephew and sister-in-law at the Harvard Cafe at the Rand Airport. I love that airport. Eating and watching the activity around the planes on the tarmac. There’s such a feeling of spaciousness because that airport is surrounded by a large open field. 

Day 44 – Reading reading reading reading.

Day 45 – I treated myself to a spa half-day! I found one close to home, and the therapist was incredible! I’m going back in a month’s time. I have a full body hot stone massage (the hot stone massages are my favourite), with a facial and pedicure. My skin looked and felt amazing after. I rested for the rest of the day, allowing the relaxation to continue.

Day 46 – Coffee and toast, first thing in the morning with Che – one of my favourite things!

Day 47 – Went to Toastmasters again tonight, after a long absence. Che and I were judges for the Humorous contest. It was great being there, seeing old friends, and seeing how the up and coming speakers are doing. Oh, and I wore high heels for the first time in many months.

Day 48 – I took a few suitcases of clothes, shoes, bags, and linen (plus the suitcases) to Amcare, a non-profit which is doing amazing work in the community. The items are in good shape, nothing ratty or tatty. I have a lot of clothes and I want to minimise, so the ones I don’t see myself wearing again I gave away. 

Day 49 – A beautiful weather day. Dinner with our cousins at a new Portuguese restaurant in Glenanda. The food was real down to earth Portuguese cuisine.

Day 50 – Another beautiful weather day. Lunch at Simply Asia with Che.

Day 51 – A public holiday so I veg’d, literally veg’d and it was amazing. Oh, and I read a whole book…well, listened to one on Audible 

Day 52 – Chuffed that Social Entrepreneurship programme deals with the lean startup. That’s what’s needed in this space, instead of big design and planning up front. 

Day 53 – Fourth and final block of Social Entrepreneurship. It’s been a journey, tough at times with juggling work, life and all other things with assignment deadlines, lectures, and exams. Happy to see my cohorts.

©2017 Regina Martins

Day 54 – I’m staying in a gorgeous Airbnb close to GIBS and the room is in the middle of a beautiful garden. There’s a pond with running water right outside my door, and I love the sound of running water. The garden smells so nice it being spring and all.

Day 55 – Dinner in Rosebank with 2 of my Social Entrepreneurship colleagues. 

Day 56 – I’m back home and loving sleeping in my own bed. It’s always nice sleeping in my own bed. Che and I caught up on the hilarious Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Day 57 – Che and I went food shopping – bliss! I’ve decided to go the raw vegan route for a month so I stocked up on veggies and fruit. Sunday lunch, just the 2 of us at Calisto’s

Day 58 – Rest and relaxation.

Day 59 – It rained today, the first thundershowers of the season.

Day 60 – Planning with a new client.

Come back tomorrow for the fourth instalment of this 100 happy days series.