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Keeping Organised

I find that an oversized wall mounted year planner is useful to visualise all my various activities during the year.

Part of 2018 is already planned, such as next week’s trip to Belgium to attend a training course and the trip to Thailand for my company’s international coach camp. I’m excited about this one because Che is coming with me and we’re spending the week after the coach camp travelling Thailand.

Having this up also helps me plan vacation time, taking advantage of long-weekends for some R&R and of course, birthdays.

It’s located at the entrance to our bedroom, a locale that ensures I will see it several times a day.

Che finds it particularly useful because he can see where I’m going to be on a particular day, or week, especially when I need to travel out of town or outside of the country. I put flight numbers and times, hotel and Airbnb details on post-it notes and stick it at the bottom of the relevant month.

For 2018 I’m also going to put my vision board up with my year planner, to ensure that whatever I do is in line with what I want to achieve next year.

I use google calendar to manage all my client bookings, work meetings and coach camps, and a real paper diary too – this latter helps me with reminders and personal appointments. Where personal appointments fall on a working day, I will also block out this time on the google calendar.

This works for me.  How about you, how do you keep your life organised?



Che and I are spending the night at my folks. Tomorrow the whole family is coming over. I’m looking forward to it as it’s been a while since we’ve all been together. I bought my Mom the gorgeous bunch of roses you can see below. 

Cee’s Which Way Challenge Week #33: Signs in Afrikaans and English

This past weekend spent with my family at Klein Kariba resort in Bela Bela provided much opportunity for photographing signs. Some are funny, others informational and written in Afrikaans and English. I also used it as an opportunity to use Hisptamatic. I’m still getting used to the lens/film combinations, and I love the way they are so neat with a frame and clear too.

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Why Lellow Cupcakes Should Come With A Warning Label

I will never buy lellow cupcakes again. Especially not when a 4 year old is in the house. One lellow cupcake was enough to get said 4 year old to start laughing manically whislt running through the house slamming doors on his way.

Che and I looked at each other, startled as to what could have caused the change in behaviour, from angelic to scary. We cottoned on to the cause when he rushed in and asked:

“Can I have another lellow cupcake?”

No! No more lellow cupcakes! Why didn’t anyone tell us that lellow cupcakes should come with the following warning:

“Consumption of yellow cupcakes will cause 4 year olds to run around at an accelerated rate. Feed with caution.”

You’ve been warned!

Featured image licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license and authored by Clever Cupcakes from Montreal, Canada.