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I Is For India – Just Is…

There are many adjectives to describe India, from incongruous and unusual to breathtaking and beautiful. I’ve come to realise that any adjectives do not do the delicious melting pot that is India justice, so I have decided to accept is as it is  – India just is…

I’ve written many posts about my visit to incredible India, 16 posts in total – have a check here. I have promised to return, one day.


Cee’s Which Way Challenge #35: The Taj Mahal Complex

I had the idea that the Taj Mahal was just a single structure sitting alone in the middle of an Indian city. I should not have been  surprised then, to see that it is a whole complex! It is large and vast, just like the country itself.

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Wednesday Windows 5: Reminder of an Interesting Road Trip

The photo below is not of a window but taken from the window of a moving bus. It reminds me of the short  I took with a bunch of colleagues to a nature reserve outside Pune in India. We crossed the river, the dam wall on the right looming gigantically above us. It was quite dramatic. right after crossing the river the road started climbing, and I took this photo as we crested the hill.

Pune Roadtrip by reginamartins.com
Pune Roadtrip