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GIBS SEP Class Of 2017

After a year of lectures I’ve completed, successfully, the GIBS Social Entrepreneurship programme. It was tougher than I thought it would be mainly because it took a lot more time than I thought it would. My graduation is in April and I can’t wait to celebrate with my classmates. We went through some tough times, pushed through them, and came out all the better for it on the other side. And I’ve made some lifelong friends.

Would I do it again? Yes…and not right now 🙂

Right now I’m enjoying the free time, to read and write and spend time with my family and friends. I’ve reconnected with people that are important to me and I’m looking forward to having leisurely cups of coffee, without nervously looking at my watch.

This quote by Venus Williams is rather appropriate for this:

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Embracing Melancholy

Embracing melancholy as part of my nature, not something to be denied or relegated to the dark stifling depths of who I don’t want to be is probably the most difficult thing to share.

This is the area from which my style of writing comes from, the most authentic tone as I ponder life’s vagaries. It is this part of me that writes passable prose and the rare poem or two. It is this part of me that keeps those poems private feeling shame of the voice within me. It is this part of me that paralyses me, faced with a blank page, the unformed thoughts, unable to put them into words raging within me, never seeing the light of day to be forever locked away by my inner critic.

Embracing melancholy is what enabled me to write this piece, without stopping, allowing the words to spill from my consciousness to my fingers to this page.

I haven’t yet found a language for my melancholy.

It’s not a sadness it’s not depression. It’s a stirring dissatisfaction with the present, the status quo, of things that could be different, of my role in changing them and the eventual acceptance that I’m not able to change everything…