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SUGSA Coaching Day in Pretoria

Originally published on the agile42 blog aimed at our clients.

I am very happy to participate in the very first SUGSA Coaching Day in Pretoria, South Africa, on the 3 of June 2017.

The purpose of the Coaching Day is to provide an opportunity to learn new tools and get practical skills in your role as coach to teams or organisations. Participants will learn and be given the chance to practice coaching skills in a safe space.

I will talk on how to facilitate and foster Collaboration within teams and across teams, with a special focus on traditional non-agile teams such as Internal Audit, Governance and Compliance.

If you are interested in improving your facilitation and coaching skills and want to help people realise the changes it takes to practice Agile well, be sure not to miss the Pretoria SUGSA coaching day.

Preparing for the above is keeping me busy so Wide Eyed In Wonder has “gone dark” for a few days this week. As ‘bridging reading’, below are a few random posts that I particularly like:

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Until tomorrow.

I’m Different, Just Like Everyone Else

Meme Dalai Lama

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Far From Normal.”

At last, a WordPress prompt that I think is interesting. Not happy with today’s prompt I kept clicking through “try another prompt” and getting progressively annoyed at their lack of sophistication. I’m a serious writer after all… 😉

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Of Blogging Etiquette and Plagiarism

A most enjoyable blogger which I follow has just posted that someone has used one of his images and turned it into a drawing on their blog without letting him know or even acknowledging the source of the image (or ask for permission).

This is a risk we all run, those of us who post photos, and I guess our writing can also be plagiarised. In my first year at university we were given a lecture on plagiarism and its consequences. It is just not worth it to take another’s work and pass it off as your own. It’s dishonest. And to be public discredited can have devastating consequences on one’s future. Not to mention being suspended or asked to leave the university.

Last year, a colleague who is also a popular photo blogger had her photos taken without her permission. It was not the first time. This time it was a small town newspaper (!!) which published one of her images without asking for permission. They did such a shoddy job of concealing the fact that the photo was not their original – they only cropped part of the watermark off! Have you ever…? How idiotic is that?

Many of us bloggers have disclaimers on our blogs, copyright notices, Creative Commons licenses and watermarks on our photos. We even put the watermarks right in the middle of the photo, spoiling the image but ensuring that our right to that photo is ensured.

But it is not a guarantee that someone who is not honest will take it without permission.

The best defense in these cases is to become well known and have lots of followers – which Woolly and my colleague are – such that their images are recognisable and someone will tell them about it.

Just because something is on the web doesn’t mean it’s fair game. Someone took a lot of care to prepare, and pride to present something for the enjoyment of others. That should be respected.

Aren’t spam comment annoying? This one took the whole cake!

I received a comment this week on my blog:

I see a lot of interesting articles on your website. You have to spend a lot of time writing, i know how to save you a lot of work, there is a tool that creates unique, google friendly posts in couple of minutes, just type in google  – laranita’s free content source.

So obviously spam disguised as not being spam. With 2 links, one to an old Blogger blog (last post in 2001) and the other I didn’t bother to go and look.

Akismet let this one through!

Now, if I have gone to the trouble of setting up a blog, put a decent theme on and join a blogging group like Sparky’s Blogging Challenge, why would I want to get a tool to write my posts for me?

It defeats the whole purpose of blogging doesn’t it?

Freshly Pressed Wannabe

WordPress's daily prompt today - Recently AcquiredWhat’s the most important (or interesting, or unexpected) thing about blogging you know today that you didn’t know a month ago?

Well, what I didn’t know a month ago I still don’t know.

I’m still baffled about how to get featured in the illusive Freshly Pressed – I’m starting to think it doesn’t really exist…in reality…really.

I’ve read all the articles, read all those who’ve been featured, and they’re really great.

I mean I’ve ALSO written SO many great posts and NOT one has featured