100 Happy Thoughts – The Second 20


Here follows the second instalment of 100 happy thoughts (40/100). Click here to read the first 20.

Day 21 – Watery sunlight and I got to indulge in blogging again, the last post was Elemental 2 weeks ago! My stats have dropped quite a bit. I came across The Game Of Thrones Musical by Chris Martin from Coldplay – hilarious! I especially love Jon Snow’s…well…Kit Harrington’s serenade of Ygritte…well…Rose Leslie, called Wildling to the tune of The Trogg’s WildThing. Here is the short version.

Day 22 – Homemade seafood pizza for dinner – yum!

Day 23 – Arrival in Durban for 3 days – work trip, but I booked a place on the beach in Umhlanga so at least I can see and hear the waves crashing on the beach. I just love this sound, it grounds me so much!

Day 24 – Tough and rewarding day training an amazing bunch of people. Afterwards, I went to Gateway Shopping Centre to get a pair of shoes because the wedge boots I bought made my feet quite sore standing the whole day and all. I’ve always wanted a metallic pair of sneakers. The gold ones just seemed so LOUD, so I chose a Woolies Studio W silver pair instead. I’m looking forward to wearing them tomorrow, and showing off, of course! 😉

How cool are these? ©2017 Regina Martins @gianamar

Day 25 – Silver sneaker day!

Day 26 – Had a great day connecting with awesome people at an awesome company in Durban. They have a solar farm, how awesome is that! And they are a very welcoming bunch of people. And I’m flying home tonight – yay!

Day 27 – Home today, yay! Spring day, the 1st of September where I spent the whole day in a short sleeved t-shirt.

Day 28 – Che and I are spending the night at my folks, and looking forward to some quality time with them. I bought my Mom these gorgeous roses.

Day 29 – Family lunch! The trees are budding and I dusted off my DSLR and took some close up pics. I really must get into my photography once again. I take pics with my iPhone most of the time, and it’s such an easy travel camera. But I do miss the DSLR and I’ve decided to rediscover it once again. Che and I have been binge watching Downton Abbey for a few weeks now. We’re in season 5 and we’ve just finished watching episode 9 where Rose gets married and Anna arrested. Gosh! Since it’s Sunday night and despite it being a ‘school day’ tomorrow, we binge watched some more this evening!

Day 30 – What a lovely warm spring day! That makes me happy.

Day 31 – Another lovely warm spring day. Che and I went out for lunch and I popped into the hairdresser for a quick fringe cut.

Day 32 – Arrived in Cape Town for coach camp.

Day 33 – ZA coach camp, and dinner with my colleagues at The Food Barn in Noordhoek. Sharing tapas and the best gin & tonic I’ve had in a long time – you can’t beat South African Inverroche gin distilled with fynbos. It was a noisy affair with lots of hilarity – you know when you laugh so much that tears come to your eyes? Yes, like that 🙂 …and the gin…

Day 34 – Flew home to Jhb and slept in my own bed. It was good.

Day 35 – Had a long-awaited dinner with our neighbours at Aldeia Portuguese restaurant. What a delightful evening. And to top it all it was glorious hot weather – i.e. short sleeves weather!

Day 36 – I finally managed to begin decluttering my clothes, shoes and general household linen. It’s all going to charity. I’m keeping what I really use and as for the linen, I have so many duvet sets that I really don’t use. I’m hoping a poor family will make good use of it.

Day 37 – A lovely and hot spring day.

Day 38 – Another lovely and hot spring day.

Day 39 – My workspace today was Motherland coffee with my colleague M with great coffee and cool vibes playing in the background. My ideal workspace.

Day 40 – Worked from home.


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