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The other day I stopped for lunch at a cafe close to the Cais do Sodré.  As I turned to remove the rucksack from my back it swept the empty glasses from the next table onto the floor with a loud crash.

People looked up from their food and the manager glared at me with a very stern look on his face. Well, if only the tables weren’t so close to one another…

The arrival of the wine could not have been more timely

©2017 Regina Martins


The Sun Was Shining in my Eyes

Have you ever taken photos with the sun shining in your eyes or directly overhead? Probably not as I’m certain that you know your way around a camera. I have loads of pics taken with these un-ideal conditions for taking photos.

There are times that I do it on purpose when I want to see the effect of a sun ray or lens flare on a scene. There are other times when the photos paint interesting pictures. They’re not bloopers every time. The gallery below has some of the most recent examples.

Thoughts On The Interior Life Of Snails

On inner life and outer life

People with rich inner lives don’t need other people and yearn to get back there if too much time is spent outside. Like me. When I am around people for long periods of time I get overwhelmed and long for my own space, physical, mental and emotional. To sit in silence or read a book. Much like a nutritious snack after an intense gym session that nourishes me and brings my scattered thoughts back into line.

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