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A-Z Challenge: F is For Fanboy

Who would have thought that Apple fans extended beyond the human species? The spotlight is on Nermal, our neighbour’s cat who has adopted us and now has 2 homes – and enjoys the best of both I am sure.

Hmmm…let me just sleep a bit here…

…it’s so soft and smooth…

Who would have thought?

Powell (2)

The Baker Of Aljubarrota (B)

The personage of the baker of Aljubarrota is curiously linked to the battle of the same name which took place on August 14, 1385. 

Nations need symbols which they can hold on to in times of discord and which they can celebrate in time of peace. It is these symbols that help define the identity of a people.

The lady who was dubbed “The Baker of Aljubarrota” is such a symbol and her contribution to the battle is surrounded by myth and a healthy dose of mystery.

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The Battle Of Aljubarrota (A) – August 14, 1385

Little has changed in the last 600 years with regards to war – they’re still fought over territorial power. So it was with the Battle of Aljubarrota, one of Portugal’s most important battles. 

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A-Z Challenge 2016 Theme Reveal

Well the time is here. Let me start off by saying that I entertained more than one theme for this year’s challenge. I found content for each letter of the alphabet. I even noted down bullet points explaining the reasons  for choosing that theme.

It will be about the rich characters and jaw dropping stories behind the historical facts. 

And it starts April 1st.

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