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100 Happy Thoughts – 2020 Edition – The Second 20

Overuse of exclamation marks alert!!!!!!!!


Day 21 – A picnic on the lawn.

Nermal in a box ©2020ReginaMartins

Day 22 – This gorgeous cat – such a joy! No boxes are safe with him, and there are more now with all the online deliveries …

Day 23 – Experimented with a new recipe – chicken and leek casserole, except that I replaced the leeks with cauliflower.

Day 24 – Delivered training to a group of people from all over the world. This is one of the benefits of working virtually – my reach is greater.

Day 25 – Sat in the sun and the felines couldn’t resist – they came and sat with me too.

Day 26 – Chè made hot cross buns and raisin bread – yum …

Day 27 – Coffee breaks!

Day 28 – Summer thunderstorms in the late afternoon.

Day 29 – Online shopping.

Day 30 – When the above is delivered. (I will continue shopping this way post-Covid).

Day 31 – Completed my Copy-editing course.

Day 32 – Balmy summer evenings.

Day 33 – The rare family lunch (we’ve had 2 so far this year what with lockdowns and all …). 2020 you have a lot to answer for! 2021, we expect great things from you!

Day 34 – Sleeping in on the weekend.

Day 35 – My new office chair – it’s a gaming chair and well worth the price for the comfort and support it gives me on my full day stints in front of a camera.

Day 36 – Phone calls with the sunshines of my life – my niece and nephew.

Day 37 – My new comfortable leggings; they’re perfect for my day long stints on Zoom.

Day 38 – WFH!

Day 39 – Our family photoshoot.

Day 40 – Summer is here!

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100 Happy Thoughts – 2020 Edition – The First 20

In 2017 I participated in 100 Happy Thoughts – you can read the original posts here, inspired by Hazel from My Nutty Dubai.

In South Africa, it’s been 100 days of varying stages of Covid lockdown already, give or take a couple of days. I’m going back to March 28 to be exact, 2 days after a restrictive initial and level 5 lockdown began. Some days I remember clearly, and others not so. I’m going back to my calendar and the photos I’ve been taking.

Throughout this time (and still today), I haven’t been with my family, whom I miss terribly. I can’t wait to be with them again.

Like the 2017 edition, I’m going to split them into posts of 20 days each. Enjoy 🙂

Day 1 – Deep-dish pizza for dinner, made by Chè.

Day 2 – Planted spinach, lettuce, and tomatoes.

Day 3 – Chè made delicious fruit chutney, with apricots and peaches. He’s so good at that.

Day 4 – Collaborated with colleagues from the Netherlands to prepare for next week’s virtual training.

Day 5 – More yummy baking by Chè. The whole family is exchanging photos of freshly homemade baked goods 🙂

Day 6 – Nermal the most beautiful Maine Coon cat graced me with his company while I worked.

Day 7 –  It’s Friday! Need I say more? I work longer hours when remote working, so Fridays are still greeted with the usual glee.

It's Friday, Kermit the frog dancing up and down

Day 8 – Selfies with Nermal the most beautiful Maine Coon cat – he’s such a joy!

Day 9 – Searching for hot cross buns recipes was a mouthwatering experience – Easter is coming!

Day 10 – It’s my first virtual training in collaboration with my colleague in the Netherlands – my first virtual training, and it’s international 🙂

Day 11 – I discovered Urban Foods – an amazing shop where I can get fresh fruit, veggies, meats, and other deli items delivered. Their quality is exceptional and their delivery time fast. This makes me happy.

Day 12 – I did my first outreach Scrum training, and I met some wonderful people.

Day 13 – I’m so enjoying delivering training remotely.

Day 14 – Can I say “It’s Friday again?” Well, it is, AND I found an old box of Barney cupcakes in the back of the cupboard. I’d bought it for when my niece and nephew came to visit, and evidence shows that we didn’t engage in any baking at the time.

Day 15 – I made apple crumble! I’m not a baker but I was inspired to do some. And perhaps all the surplus apples in the fruit bowl did too. Better than having them go all floury because we didn’t eat them on time.

Day 16 – It’s Easter Sunday – without getting together with my family, as we cannot due to level 5 (hard) lockdown 🙁 …I’m grateful to have a safe home to be in, with food in the fridge 🙂

Day 17 – Easter Monday, and a chaotic and wonderful Zoom call with my family! Yay!

Day 18 – More training outreach work! I so enjoy training.

Day 19 – Zoom call with my good friend Katrina, and my sister and niece 🙂

Day 20 – Virtual drinks with my social entrepreneurship group of friends.

These are the first 20 days of happy thoughts. The next 20 follow.

Ciao for now.