Check Every Setting

I woke up this morning to an unwelcome message from Twitter sent at 3h00 am –

New login to Twitter from Chrome on Windows

from somewhere in Arizona…

Anyone who knows me knows how weird those 2 variables are in my context.

It asked me to reset my password but I was asleep at the time so Twitter locked my account. The first thing I did on waking was change my password and check what tweets were sent by the hackers – one tweet with a Rayban advertisement and a whole bunch of offensive direct messages.

I’m careful about my security settings and having a strong password. I have antivirus on my computer. Evidently not enough. I’m thinking that it was a randomised en-masse brute force attack. The hackers probably do that to see who notices and secures their account and continue hacking those that don’t.

If this has happened or to prevent from happening to you check all your Twitter settings, security and other, including:

  • Send out an apology to all your followers – if they know you they will know the tweets didn’t come from you, but it’s a good thing to do in any event
  • Use a passphrase, a long one preferably, instead of a short password, even with special characters – build those into your passphrase
  • Revoke access to all 3rd party apps – you can always reenable those you use the most; often some are old and no longer in use
  • Check your widgets
  • Check your direct messages and delete the offensive ones
  • Delete the hacked tweets from your timeline
  • Enable login verification

Check every setting!


Hippos’ Daily Sightings Of People

Patience is required…

Look, can you see them…?
©2017 Regina Martins
Waiting for a sighting of hippos
©2017 Regina Martins

…to sight one of these river horses, better known as a hippopotamus or better yet, a whole herd of them – they wallow in the shallows with their feet rooted in the mud of the bottom of the lake.

He was this close…
©2017 Regina Martins

People waiting to see hippos, and hippos waiting to see people – boatloads of them!


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Texture

Texture – a simple word that describes complex human experience. Note: artistic or writer’s license has been liberally used in the crafting of this post.

The visual , the look of something, its characteristic, like smooth water.

©2017 Regina Martins

The auditory – the sound of something, like a piece of music, how music feels to the ear – melodious, heavy or discordant, like the sounds of waves crashing on the beach and the elevated voices of people playing in the surf.

©2017 Regina Martins

The kinaesthetic – how something feels like when you run your hand over the surface, like stroking the soft fur of a cat or walking over rough rocks.

©2017 Regina Martins

The olfactory – how something smells like the floral or exotic texture of a perfume and the smell of the African bush.

©2017 Regina Martins

The gustatory – rubbery oysters, a silky créme caramel or a crunchy cookie.

Entered in Cee’s Black & White photo challenge with the theme of Texture.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Catching Up A Through C

I’ve just found out that Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge is going through the alphabet. I love these types of challenges. Everyone is on letter “C” so I have some catching up to do.

Cee is calling this series Alphabet with a Twist – and will run for 26 weeks.

Letter A – Needs to start with the Letters Ap

There’s only a bit of applejack left in the bottle. Mostly used for making apple pie, off course 😉

©2017 Regina Martins

Colours that start with the letter B

Cruising Lake St. Lucia looking for hippos on a blue boat.

Cruising on a blue boat
©2017 Regina Martins

The C word needs to be at least 4 letters in length

A view of Frankfurt city

Frankfurt city-scape
©2017 Regina Martins

Entered in Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge.

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