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Weekend Coffee Share: The Out and About Edition

I’ve already had a number of coffees but there is always time and desire for more. I’m at my sister’s house this weekend and there is the usual coffees – french press, Nespresso and others. And orange cake! My sister bought orange cake and it’s delicious. One of my favourite cakes. Welcome to this week’s Weekend Coffee Share.


I finished one book this week and started and finished another one. Both thrillers by Chris Ryan. I’m familiar with his Strike Back books from the Netflix series that Chè and I enjoyed. When I read I’m at my most relaxed, my heart rate drops to its resting rate, and I’m in my happy place. My brother and I recently swopped books so I have lots to choose from. There’s a whole bunch of Clive Cussler books that I’m looking forward to reading this coming week.

Out and about – a rare occurrence!

Thursday was a rare out-and-about day for me. I met with a colleague and an ex-colleague at a garden coffee shop for a farewell brunch and it was so enjoyable. Then I dropped by Leroy Merlin to pick up an order I’d done online. I was impressed by how efficient the whole process of click-and-collect was. Then I drove to my sister’s house where I’m having a wonderful weekend. My niece is making pizza for Saturday night dinner.

Feeling alive

Even though I love working from home and don’t mind not going out, I confess that my Thursday outing made me feel alive. Humans are social beings; I do tend towards introversion but I really enjoyed being out 🙂

Work in progress – too much of it!

I have a lot of work in progress (at work). I get pulled into all sorts of meetings, there are all sorts of sessions I need to be at that I have a lot of work in progress. Last week I started many things but finished none and I feel frustrated about it.

Sleep and siesta

I had a couple of nights last week that I woked up at about 2:30 am thinking about all the work I have in progress. I fell asleep close to 4 am and then was up at 6 am. I felt tired on those days so what did I do? I had a siesta after lunch! And it did the world of wonder to my energy levels and cleared my mind a bit. I highly recommend an afternoon nap, if you can do it. Working from home, I’m grateful that I can do this. It was a no-training week so I could do this.

This weekend at my sister’s house, I went to bed at about 10 pm, and as soon as my head hit the pillow I was asleep and slept very well, waking up rested and refreshed.


My year is getting busy so I’m committing to one post a week, and the Weekend Coffee Share is my opportunity for this. It’s such a wonderful community, hosted by Natalie the Explorer.

That’s it for today. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead, and see you next week, same time, same place.



Weekend Coffee Share: The Carrot Cake Edition


A bug is eating my spinach leaves!

A bug is eating my spinach leaves … but more about that later.

Late visits and a continued blogging streak

I’m late in visiting all your wonderful Weekend Coffee Shares. I started work this week and have less time to dedicate to blogging. So far I’ve managed to make WordPress happy by blogging every day. I wonder for how long they’ll congratulate me on my blogging streak?

A bug is eating my spinach leaves!

On another point. I’ve been wondering which small bug is creating lacework out of the spinach and tomato plant leaves. Today I caught the culprit in the act but I don’t know what the name of this bug is. I know some of you are avid gardeners, so if anyone knows, please let me know. I’ve sprayed the plants with soapy water and the aphids are under control but these little critters keep coming back. They look ladybug like but aren’t ladybugs.

A bug is eating my spinach leaves!
This little critter is eating my spinach leaves
©2020 Regina Martins

Cooler weather

The weather has cooled down a bit. It’s quite a relief in a sense. It rained the whole day yesterday but today it was dry. It might rain later or tomorrow. Our garden is happy and the new grass seeds are yielding grass already, the shoots thin and green. What is a bonus is that we don’t need to water our garden when it rains.


We picked more tomatoes today – a few big ones and a whole punnet of cocktail tomatoes. I’m adamant that this year we pick them when they’re just short of ripe to ensure that we eat most of them instead of the birds. It’s bad enough that the doves and the weavers steal the cat pellets! Next to the bananas, the tomatoes ripen rather well. And speaking of bananas, I’ve not been able to get fresh ones for two weeks now. I’ve still got some frozen which are great for smoothies. Perhaps this week the shop will have replenished their supply.

Well, that’s it for today. It’s been a house and home kind of post. Have a wonderful day!