WordPress Weekly Photo: Blurry Bush Safari

These cheetah were behind a chain link fence otherwise they may have had us for dinner.

Cheetah Africa SafariAs we were photographing the cheetahs, this curious bunch was wondering if we were coming over too, or perhaps they were also wondering what was for dinner…

lions game drive Africa Safari Thandeka Game LodgeThere were many of these chaps in the plains – Blue Wildebeest, or more commonly known in Africa as the Blou Wildebees.

blue wildebees Africa Safari Thandeka Game LodgeGame royalty – the sable – very skittish, a lucky spot, the blurriness of the photo evidence of his shyness, or maybe it was just the unskilled photographer…

sable game drive Africa Safari Thandeka Game LodgeAll taken at a game drive at Thandeka Game Lodge. Click here for some unblurred black and white photos of these and other magnificient creatures. And here for pics of the luxury tents I stayed in.

game drive Africa Safari Thandeka Game LodgeIn response to this week’s WordPress photo challenge theme of Blur. Check out more blurry photos here.


A to Z Challenge: E is for Eye Contact

Week 2 of the A to Z Challenge and I am still going strong –  I chose a nice easy theme, one that I know well for my first ever A to Z challenge. I am enjoying all the blogs I have read and hopefully am leaving comments, like the ones below:

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