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On the Hunt for Joy Challenge: Start a Garden

After being away from blogging for the longest time, I’m having a joyful afternoon catching up on all my favourite bloggers and their challenges. I’m delighted to find that Cee has a new challenge. Well, new to me 🙂 – it’s the On the Hunt for Joy Challenge.

Cee posted Ingrid Fetell Lee’s TED Talk Where Joy Hides and How to Find it. In this talk she talked about the physical aesthetic connection to feelings of joy. Joy is only known when it is felt and experienced. She goes on to say that instead of searching for happiness which could be elusive to rather look for things that we feel joy in.

This week’s theme is Start a Garden (Indoor or Outdoor) – if you click on this link it will take you to Cee’s blog and more bloggers that are finding joy. I know that I find joy when I blog and enter photo challenges. I find joy in expressing myself, by providing my interpretation of a theme. It’s a subjective endeavour, and creative in nature.

This is my interpretation of this week’s theme – Start a Garden.

Three of my favourite vegetables. I dream of having an abundant vegetable garden and if these are all that grow I’ll be very happy indeed.

CFFC: Eyes

The temperature is dropping outside and I’ve been faffing* the whole day. It’s a public holiday here, I think pretty much everywhere in the world (?). The day began with Che and I making the bed around Nermal the cat, who was peacefully sleeping on it. Why is it that cats decide to go to sleep when you need to get up and make the bed? And off course, being the cat lovers that we are, and absolutely** doting on him we routinely make the bed around him while he seemingly sleeps on. I think that sometimes he pretends to be asleep to test us how much we really love him – if we make the bed around him it must mean that we adore him. Or else he’s testing our bed making skills – “How to make your bed with a sleeping heavy cat on it”. Cats…! But just look at his eyes!

Beautiful Nermal, who regularly tests our bed making skills
©2019 Regina Martins

Extra: I caved in and bought a Nespresso machine. It was a good deal with the Aeroccino milk frother thrown in. And the considerate Nespresso people included a pack of 14 capsules. Thank goodness, imagine not being able to test the machines. It’s like the “batteries not included” phenomenon with kids’ toys. No child, or parent for that matter, wants to buy a toy with no batteries included. Imagine the drama! The Nespresso people seem to understand this phenomenon and included some batteries aka coffee capsules in the package.

Look what arrived today. I caved in and decided to get a Nespresso machine
©2019 Regina Martins

Faffing – South African English for doing nothing, absolutely nothing the whole day, aimlessly going from Instagram to News24 to Instagram to making some coffee to cleaning my make-up brushes…you get the idea 😉

**Lots of adverbs I know…

Entered in Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge which runs on Tuesdays – this week the theme is Eyes.


CFFC: Bridges

Ponte 25 de Abril, Lisbon, Portugal. Cars on the top, trains on the bottom.

Ponte 25 de Abril, Lisbon. Cars on the top, trains on the bottom
©2019 Regina Martins

Iconic in construction, striking in colour.

Ponte 25 de Abril in Lisbon, iconic in construction and striking in colour
©2019 Regina Martins

Cristo Rei looking over the Ponte.

Cristo Rei looking over the Ponte
©2019 Regina Martins

Entered in Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge, this week’s theme is Bridges.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: View From the Side

What is this little boy doing, sitting all alone on a bench? Waiting for someone to sit and have a chat. He’s very cute.

What is this little boy doing on a bench?
©2019 Regina Martins

I love this sideways look of Che’s hands whilst he was taking a photo.

Reflections on a window
©2019 Regina Martins

Golden serpent dragon at a temple in Bangkok. I appreciate that they are protected from many tourist hands, encased in a plastic bubble.

The golden dragon serpent
©2019 Regina Martins

This scary looking statue stands guard, protecting the temple and all that’s inside.

Scary-looking protector
©2019 Regina Martins

Entered in Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: View From the Side.