A to Z Challenge: F is for Fluttering Butterflies

Fluttering butterflies, a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, a vice-like constriction of the lungs resulting in shallow gasp-like breaths, <enter here what you feel when nerves take over rational thought> – everyone feels nerves differently and deals with them differently. The important thing is how they are dealt with in such a way that they do not cause the speaker to abscond or hide in the loo. Continue reading A to Z Challenge: F is for Fluttering Butterflies

WordPress Weekly Photo: Church on the Valley Floor

I spotted a beautiful church on a valley floor in the Magaliesberg last winter. I used my 50 – 200mm lens zoomed to its maximum which blurred the leaves of the branches I photographed through.

Mount Grace, Magaliesberg, South AfricaThis is my third entry.

The first one – To the Lighthouse – blurry coloured lights of the Swakopmund lighthouse.

The second entry – Blurry Bush Safari – some of the blurry photos taken on a game drive in Limpopo province, Thandeka Game Lodge.

Other bloggers’ blurry photos are here.