Weekend coffee share: Team Mauritius moved me beyond words

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that it’s a long weekend in South Africa – today is Freedom Day, commemorating this country’s first democratic elections in 1994. Despite recent violent events widely publicised in the international media, it is important to remember this day lest this beautiful country descend, once again, into darkness.

If we were having coffee all I would tell you is that I was moved beyond words with the gifts my team gave me on Friday. As I move onto the next step of my journey, I carry this team, in all its variations in my heart. They have contributed a great deal to making me the professional I am now.

I have been part of many teams and no other has impacted me as deeply as Team Mauritius.

I was spoiled with many gifts which included a photo-book of all the team activies we had and all the fun we got up to. The cliche of working hard and playing hard is very appropriate here.

The beautiful engraved pen will be used extensively from now on. On occasion, when I got too big for my boots, this team was very good about reminding me of where I came from, pulling me back to earth in the process. This pen will serve as a reminder of this 🙂

I also got some spoiley vouchers. And a gorgeous pashmina from someone who has been in the team as long as I have and who is an amazing person who will stay in my life beyond this.

Because I am still feeling emotional, this is a short coffee and we would page through the photo-book where I would reminisce in between laughing and crying.

IMG_6422 Image

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