Perfection Or Improvement?

The search

I’m in search of the perfect bag. Have been since high school. The search for that illusive bag that carries all that I need, not too bulky or heavy, where all items have their own neat slot thereby making each easily accessible. Who, in all seriousness, doesn’t want this bag?

I’ve experimented with totes, sling bags, Chanel types, clutch bags, no bag (everything in pockets), 2 bags and cute sling/handheld combinations. In all materials – leather, plastic, vinyl, canvas. Mostly in black and natural colours. All sorts of price ranges. Brands and no-name brands.

No Louis Vuiton yet though – I don’t have the courage to spend this kind of money, it’s better used elsewhere. Bags must be the real thing – I’m not a fan of knock-offs – a combination of vanity and ethics. So either no-name brand or brand.

I’ve given away many that through no fault of their own weren’t perfect.

Yet, with all this searching, I’ve yet to find the perfect bag. I now realise this and know that the perfect bag is an illusion.

My blog’s theme

So what does this have to do with my blog’s theme?

The same thing! In truth, I’ve been searching for the perfect theme. Since December I live previewed 22 of them. Yes, 22! And implemented about 4 or it could be 5 I don’t remember.

I have strict minimum requirements, like the bags. It must be magazine type with a grid layout on the home page, have a footer, featured images, side bar and 2 menus.

You may have noticed that my theme has changed again – back to my favourite of all time – WordPress’s Twenty Fourteen. It meets all my needs. So that makes it perfect. I realise this now.

I may change my mind later though…

So the point is…

…thank you for your patience during this quest for the perfect theme improvement.


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