Hello Again

I’m posting early today because the rest of the day is going to be full of activity. I returned from Cape Town on Friday night. I worked most of yesterday preparing for a 2-day workshop on Monday and Tuesday.

Che and I made it to the gym 1-hour before closing time. It felt good though, working out the kinks of sitting for most of the day.

Today is braai day with the family – a family friend on a whole day transit from Mozambique to Stockholm is spending the day with us and we’re getting to meet his bride 🙂

Then I check in to an Airbnb close to the workshop venue and spend the evening going through my preparations for the next 2-days.

I do plan to blog tomorrow, even if it is a small note or photo I take.

Until then, have a great Sunday.



At The End Of The Day…

…when all is said and done I revel in the peace and solitude the setting of the sun brings…and immerse myself in the colours of nature’s palette.There is nothing more beautiful to me than a Johannesburg sunset.