WordPress Weekly Photo: Shadow


The WordPress photo challenge this week is all about pics that include shadows, adding depth and interest to the photo.

The first pic is my favourite – it’s one of my Dad holding a bunch of thin reeds he found on a walk along a vlei (stream). In the shadow is my Dad, the reeds and me taking the photo.

My Dad holding reeds he picked. You can see his shadows with the reeds and mine taking the photo
©2017 Regina Martins

The rest of the pics are in the gallery below.

Click on any image to enlarge and scroll through the photos. Run your mouse over each photo to read the caption.

I’m a bit late to this challenge ‘cos I’m still getting used to the move from Friday to Wednesday. Friday worked so well for me. It was an anchor to end the week of blogging, I used to look forward to the end of the week to see what the theme was. With Friday and Saturday ahead of me I also had time to take photos or look through my archives. I need to find a new routine to anchor my mid-week.

Until later or tomorrow.



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