WordPress one-word prompt – Bedtime.

Nope, I don’t have a bedtime. I wish I did but I don’t. I have a time that I go to bed and it is very late – or very early depending on how you see it.

Every day I aim to go to bed on the same day that I woke up in and most days (99.9% of them) I am not successful.

When I go to bed I lie awake and think about:

  1. If I’m going to hear the alarm clock in the morning;
  2. My family and pray for their safety;
  3. What traffic I’ll encounter on the way to work;
  4. If it’s me or Che who’s going to make the coffee in the morning;
  5. Wonder if the doors are locked;
  6. Get up to check that the doors are locked;
  7. Wonder if I put my cell phone on charge;
  8. Get up to check that I put my cell phone on charge;
  9. Tell me to stop it and just go to sleep already;
  10. Grab the eye patch, put it on, and go to sleep.

I wonder who was dreaming about me last night…