Newspapers were to this news junkie as the smell of roasting coffee beans are to the coffee addict. The fact that I’m both a news junkie as well as a coffee addict is probably coincidental since I started to drink coffee at the age of 14, a good three years after I became a news junkie.

Initially it was news of TV stars and rugby players. Then it matured into news about the country and the world.

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A-Z Challenge: C Is For Curved Windows

The curved bow (bay) window was intended as an ornamental part of a building rather than a functional one.

A feature of Victorian architecture, the style migrated to countries where the English had a presence, like South Africa. They’re to be found mainly on older houses, although there’s been a resurgence in the residential market. Contractors will bash out the current window and build in a bay window all in 1 day.

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