The week that was

Blogging daily? Really?

It’s always my intention to blog daily. I’ve managed to do this many times. Sometimes, however, I over-estimate the time available to blog, and invariably this is what gets left behind.

I need my sleep!

As time marches on to the midnight hour, the energy left for blogging becomes less as the need for sleep becomes more.

What? Only 11 posts so far?

…well…12 if you count this one…and I so wanted to have a full 30 posts this month!

But this isn’t a competition…

…or a race, but you see…each day I don’t post is a day that I have deprived myself of the joy of writing and to log it as one more day of experience towards being a better writer.

Enough self-pity, you had a good week!

Yes, yes I did!

Easter with family.

A dear friend who lives in another country spent a few days with me.

Traffic was a breeze ‘cos of school holidays.

Another 3 day weekend!

And going to the Teatro at Montecasino to watch The Sound of Music!


2 thoughts on “The week that was”

    1. It was wonderful Ann! Never get tired of listening to the music. I was singing along (silently off-course) to the songs.

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