Blog posts I started writing but are still in my drafts folder

  1. A tale of two cities – in response to a WordPress daily prompt, missed the chance.
  2. Belief and the power of denial – had a good idea, started something and then wasn’t happy with where it went – a work in progress.
  3. The mark that counts – about the SA elections, but ended up doing another simpler photo post.
  4. Educating girls – an important post, this is a work in progress, more research needed.
  5. (no title) – an empty draft – what was I thinking?
  6. Why saying NO is so hard – work in progress, more research needed.
  7. Multitasking – a few keywords typed up, possibly a complex post.
  8. Fight the power – hmmm…I can’t remember now what I wanted to say – it’s an empty draft!
  9. (no title) – another one…see No. 5 above.
  10. Never surrender – a complex post started and not finished.
  11. 21/03/1960 – about the Sharpeville Massacre – started on the day but not finished. An emotional post. Perhaps I will complete it for next year’s anniversary.
  12. What makes a winning team? – fits better in my other blog. So many articles have been written about this, and I have nothing new to contribute, so it’s on hold for now.
  13. Letting go – inspired by a post I read – I knew what I wanted to say in my mind but when faced with the blank screen and keyboard I hit a blank.
  14. Filters – a work in progress – I don’t know where I want to take it, so it’s on hold for now.
  15. My favourite Joburg – I love Joburg! I live and work here. Many posts have been written about Joburg and I don’t want to rehash something that’s been written about – I’m still looking for a unique angle.


Just don’t go there! Three trick questions to NEVER ask me!

Daily prompt: A Pulitzer-winning reporter is writing an in-depth piece – about you. What are the three questions you really hope she doesn’t ask you?

Best is to stay away from these questions:

  1. What's wrong? Nothing! Rather ask me "What's up?" or "What's on your mind?"
  2. Are you sure? Off course I'm sure, just trust what I just said ok?
  3. Why? Because... (and that's all you'll get). Rather ask me "What was your motivation for...?" or "What are you reasons for...?" or "How did you arrive at that?"

What questions do you NOT want to be asked at all?

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Finders Keepers – Poll

WordPress’s daily prompt provided me with an excuse to run a poll on my site. This is what the prompt is about today:

“While walking on the beach you stumble on a valuable object buried in the sand — say, a piece of jewelry or an envelope full of cash. What do you do with it? Under what circumstances would you keep it?”

SO…would you? Take the poll below.

PS – If you think I’m copping out by not writing a full post…you’re probably right. BUT it IS a good opportunity to try out the Polldaddy plugin, don’t you think.  You can login with your WordPress account.

Go on, take the poll – if nothing else, it’s fun!



It’s not just semantics – words are everything

I once read a quote that goes something like this : Wild horses will not be able to catch hurtful words once they have been spoken. I don’t remember who said it and there’s a good chance that it’s not properly quoted either (apologies to the quotee*).

In any event, the point of using that quote is to explain that words are everything. People often dismiss what someone else is saying because they’re using different words to theirs and they say, “It’s just semantics!”

Well, it’s not just semantics. Words carry meaning beyond that ascribed in the dictionary. Each person interprets words differently, and give them different meaning.

Words are powerful. See the pic below and tell me how you feel after reading it…

The power of words
The power of words

How beautiful is that…?


This post is in response to WordPress's daily prompt: A Name For Yourself. Click here for more interpretations of today's prompt.

*Quotee – a made up word