Wonderful Wonderbag!

Some time ago I bought a Wonderbag and what a wonder bag it’s turned out to be!

Last night, during Earth Hour, Ché (Husband) and I ate Kitchri cooked in the Wonderbag. I cooked the lentils, spinach and rice for 15 minutes on the stove top at about noon. It immediately went into the Wonderbag, nice and snug, and at 5pm I opened it to reveal perfectly cooked and delicious Kitchri!

The Wonderbag is the invention of South African Sarah Collins (Top 10 Finalist, Most Powerful Women Entrepeneurs, Fortune Magazine 2013). It’s a slow cooker minus the electricity.

When rolling blackouts started in 2008 she remembered how her grandmother used to put cushions around her pots to keep the food cooking after it had been removed from the fuel source. So she came up with the Wonderbag.

The wonder of the Wonderbag is that it’s extremely useful for communities in Africa and other continents who battle against odds to cook food using wood and kerosene stoves. Apart from the danger of using these fuel sources in small huts and shacks, they also add to  environmental pollution. You can read about the Wonderbag story on her website.

Anything you’d cook in a slow cooker or crock pot is ideal for cooking in the Wonderbag.

The impact of the Wonderbag is wide. She has some interesting infographics on the site. Here are some of the impacts of wide-spread cooking with the Wonderbag:

  • Saving of energy, water and time, simply by making cooking more efficient
  • In developing countries, the basic need to feed a family has huge challenges:  Staple diets require long cooking times, yet there is little access to energy and water
  • Lack of clean fuel means using charcoal or tree-wood for cooking
  • Cutting down trees results in deforestation as communities quickly use the tree wood around them, digging up the roots when desperate
  • Deforestation leads to foraging  further afield, which is done by women and also girls, often taken out of school
  • Foraging as far as 5-10 km per day leaves women open to violence
  • Poverty will not end if girls don’t have time for school, women spend 4-6 hours of their day cooking, and the environment is ravaged

The above points are taken from the Wonderbag website – go on over to the site to see the full list of environmental, social and economic impacts and challenges, especially in the developing world, that the proliferation of the Wonderbag hopes to address.

Click here for recipes on Pinterest.

The Wonderbag is available from the Wonderbag site and Amazon.com.

Note: I wrote this post because I believe in the Wonderbag. I have used the Wonderbag, been astounded at the results, and am a fan. I was not paid to write this post.

Waterfront Sunset – Cape Town

The last time I was in Cape Town was in August last year. Cape Town is one of my favourite cities to visit. It is be far the most beautiful city in South Africa. I was very fortunate to stay at a hotel at the Victoria and Albert Waterfront. The view from my room was unbelievable.

Table Mountain, Cape Town
Table Mountain, Cape Town

The sunset was spectacular.

Looking towards Table Mountain
Looking towards Table Mountain
Cape Town 4290314
Sunset, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

I was lucky in that the week I was there was in between torrential rain and storms. Not a drop fell while there. The ground was waterlogged.The week after the rains came down again.



It’s been tough this week. I haven’t felt inspired to write anything useful. I feel mentally tired. There’s so much information to process on a daily basis, constant context switches that I start many things and finish none by the end of the day. I work for an organisation that does its business in meetings. A typical day will include 4 or 5 meetings. On the bad days there will be back-to-back meetings from the time I arrive to the time I leave. I have to book time out in my calendar to eat lunch. Often I get double and triple booked in the same time slot, then I choose which meeting I need to attend and which ones I really don’t need to attend. If I need to be there I ask the organiser to move it to another slot. I sometimes escape to the relative peace of a meeting room to focus on a piece of work. I eventually get to everything. I have a great team who are self-organised. They are simply amazing. When I get home I need peace and quiet. Silence is what I crave right now.

No blogging tonight The Blacklist is on!

Yip, no blogging tonight! The Blacklist is about to come on. In SA it’s on Tuesdays, in the US it’s on Mondays.

We’re quite far behind the US at the moment – it’s always like that – we get the series long after it’s premiered in the States. We’re on episode 10 (Anslo Garrick – No. 16, part 2). Last night episode 17  (Ivan – No.88) aired in the US.

I am resisting the temptation of just downloading the whole series up to the most recent episode and watching it in a back-to-back squared-eyed Blacklist-fest.

This serialised-procedural (can I say that?) has gripped me. Intriguing. And there’s going be be a series 2! Yayness!

Love it, just love it!

See you tomorrow!

Simple gratitude

Today I am grateful for the people who support me in every way, even when they don’t know  they’re doing it. Today I am thankful to those who believe in me even when I don’t. Today I am thankful that when I go to a place to do something called “work”, that I’m actually going to a place that allows me to be myself and do something I enjoy. That’s all.