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Dear friends,

As 2017 starts transitioning to 2018, I want to thank you for visiting Wide Eyed In Wonder during the past 12 months.

I thought it would be fun to have a look at the year in stats, and see what insights I get, so here goes, according to WordPress:

Number of posts - 165

Number of views - 9043

Best month in terms of views - January with 1,400 views

Best month in terms of number of posts - September with 24 posts

Most popular day - Tuesday

Most popular hour - 7:00PM

Number of likes - 2,476

Number of comments - 367

I didn’t blog as prolifically this year, not like 2016 which has been this blog’s best year to date with more than double the amount of posts and views.  There’s room for improvement and probably the biggest one I can make is to prepare posts in advance and schedule them because it is still my intention to post at least once a day. Blogging is a proclivity of mine.

I’d like to close off this post by wishing you and your loved ones an amazing festive season and a fantastic transition to 2018…and a few thoughts…

It’s more fun when you have to go through Z to get to M…imagine all the learning…and the photo opportunities 🙂But remember to focus on your priorities first…whatever your fuel, remember to always top up…Thank you for following.

Stay cool.



100 Happy Thoughts – The Final 20

And now for the fifth and final instalment of 100 happy thoughts (100/100). Click here to read the first 20, here for the second 20, here for the third 20 and here for the fourth 20.

Day 81  – Looking forward to working with a new client in November.

Day 82 – I flew to Cape Town to give a talk, and I’m glad I did it.

Day 83 – I was early for my flight back to Joburg so was able to relax in the lounge.

Day 84 – It’s Fridayyy! ‘Nuff said.

Day 85 – Food shopping with Che.

Day 86 – Being woken up by Che with coffee.

Day 87 – A lovely hot day, wonderful aromatic coffee for breakfast and Netflix binge in the evening.

Day 88 – Staying in a lovely Airbnb close to my client. The hostess is friendly and accommodating.

Day 89 – This client has a Vida 2 Caffè on their premises. That’s all I need to be happy.

Day 90 – I’m home sleeping in my own bed again. I’ve written this many times before and you must be wondering why…? No. Ok! But I’ll tell you any way that travel is part of what I do to be close to my clients and Airbnb is a lifesaver.

Day 91 – I’m happy to be able to sit still in one place and turn out a blog post.

Day 92 – Food shopping with Che and Netflix binge in the evening.

Day 93 – I started working with a new long-term client and am so excited about it.

Day 94 – I’m training a large group of people and day 2 of the training involves teams building a scale model of a whole resort out of paper to help the participants put the scrum theory into practice. It’s always a lot of fun for them and for me and incredible to see what they come up with – have a look (infrastructure can be drawn but the rest has to be 3-D).

Day 95 – Flew to Cape Town for the Scrum Gathering and this time Che came with me. It’s his first gathering and it’s lovely sharing my world with him. Speakers dinner was at Black Sheep on Kloof Road. The food was divine and the conversation with fellow speakers stimulating.

Day 96 – My first workshop is over and it went well! A fellow agilist introduced Che and me to El Greeyo Cuban House of Coffee in Salt River. The coffee was great and he bought us a bag of coffee beans. Looking forward to trying it out at home in our drip filter coffee machine.

Day 97 My second workshop is over and it also went well! And I’m thinking of last night’s dinner with Che at Balducci‘s at the V&A Waterfront. It was wonderful to escape the madding crowd of the conference, and have a dinner all on our own. We arrived without a reservation, took a chance, and it paid off. It was full but there was a table for two in the midst of a busload of German tourists. The food was delicious and the service commendable.

Day 98 – Our long-weekend in Cape Town begins today, and we’re staying at an Airbnb in Gardens, our favourite area of the city bowl. It was lovely staying in, cooking our own meal and watch Netflix. Tomorrow we explore.

Zeitz MOCAA: natural light from the tops of the silos combine with strong electrical light to create wonderful coloured effects, which remind me of Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
©2017 Regina Martins

Day 99 – The day has finally arrived – visiting the Zeitz Mocaa museum of contemporary African Art! I’ve gushed about it enough on the site. Click here to see photos – The Silos Transformation.

Day 100 – Flew back home and, as usual, it’s lovely to be sleeping in my own bed again. It was incredible seeing the skill of the pilot as he manoeuvred the plane to avoid the thunderstorms over Joburg. Such a big machine and it glided effortlessly as it banked more than usual to line up to the runway.

Whew! I’ve reached the end of the 100 Happy Thoughts, inspired by Hazel from My Nutty Dubai. My wish for you is for many happy thoughts 365 days of the year. Happy 2018!

100 Happy Thoughts – The Fourth 20

And now for the fourth instalment of 100 happy thoughts (80/100). Click here to read the first 20 and here to read the second 20 and here for the third 20.

Day 61 – Had a good session with my syndicate group at GIBS – this is our last assignment together.

Day 62 – It’s FRIDAAAAY baby! Nuff said…

Day 63 – Food shopping with Che, my favourite weekly activity.

Day 64 – Stayed over at my folks, tomorrow I go with my Mom to Cape Town for a few days!

Cap of clouds over Table Mountain, draping, almost like a table cloth
©2017 Regina Martins

Day 65 – Cape Town! It is so windy! But look at the stunning views I had today…nothing happier 🙂 

Day 66 – Flying back home to Che. Cape Town is great, but the traffic in the southern suburbs – golly gosh!

Day 67 – Our wedding anniversary!

Day 68 – I had fun today training people on Agile economics. It was a nice group, receptive and there were many good discussions during the course of the day.

Day 69 – Back and sleeping in my own bed after spending the last 2 nights in a B&B.

Day 70 – I had a 3 hour pamper at Ritzy’s Cafe Salon – facial, pedicure with gel and a full body hot stone massage. I was so relaxed, it was an amazing session. And I got a beautiful vase with flowers for my birthday tomorrow. 

Day 71 – My birthday! I got a spa voucher from Che! I love spa vouchers!

Day 72 – I must’ve burned 400 calories in my Zumba class – sweet!

Day 73 – Dropped off my car for a service and Che and I had breakfast on our way home.

Day 74 – Vigorous zumba class, and it was most enjoyable. The best hour of maximum calorie busting workout.

Day 75 – No traffic on my way to and from my client.

Day 76 – Long weekend away in Bela Bela with family. I enjoyed swimming in the heated pool.

Day 77 – Lolling in the heated pool in the evening.

Day 78 – I did all the driving this weekend, something I enjoy doing.

Day 79 – Worked from home.

Day 80 – Worked from home again.

Come back tomorrow for the fifth and final instalment of this 100 happy days series.

100 Happy Thoughts – The Third 20

Here follows the third instalment of 100 happy thoughts (60/100). Click here to read the first 20 and here to read the second 20.

Day 41 – A day where I did some great BizDev!

Day 42 – Spent the day with my sister, niece and brother-in-law. It has been a while and it was awesome visiting them. Had Chinese food for lunch. It was such a warm balmy day. Lovely! On the way home I stopped by Westpack Packaging and got some boxes and plastic containers to begin packing up the kitchen. A new one in its place awaits! 

Day 43 – Breakfast with my Folks, brother, nephew and sister-in-law at the Harvard Cafe at the Rand Airport. I love that airport. Eating and watching the activity around the planes on the tarmac. There’s such a feeling of spaciousness because that airport is surrounded by a large open field. 

Day 44 – Reading reading reading reading.

Day 45 – I treated myself to a spa half-day! I found one close to home, and the therapist was incredible! I’m going back in a month’s time. I have a full body hot stone massage (the hot stone massages are my favourite), with a facial and pedicure. My skin looked and felt amazing after. I rested for the rest of the day, allowing the relaxation to continue.

Day 46 – Coffee and toast, first thing in the morning with Che – one of my favourite things!

Day 47 – Went to Toastmasters again tonight, after a long absence. Che and I were judges for the Humorous contest. It was great being there, seeing old friends, and seeing how the up and coming speakers are doing. Oh, and I wore high heels for the first time in many months.

Day 48 – I took a few suitcases of clothes, shoes, bags, and linen (plus the suitcases) to Amcare, a non-profit which is doing amazing work in the community. The items are in good shape, nothing ratty or tatty. I have a lot of clothes and I want to minimise, so the ones I don’t see myself wearing again I gave away. 

Day 49 – A beautiful weather day. Dinner with our cousins at a new Portuguese restaurant in Glenanda. The food was real down to earth Portuguese cuisine.

Day 50 – Another beautiful weather day. Lunch at Simply Asia with Che.

Day 51 – A public holiday so I veg’d, literally veg’d and it was amazing. Oh, and I read a whole book…well, listened to one on Audible 

Day 52 – Chuffed that Social Entrepreneurship programme deals with the lean startup. That’s what’s needed in this space, instead of big design and planning up front. 

Day 53 – Fourth and final block of Social Entrepreneurship. It’s been a journey, tough at times with juggling work, life and all other things with assignment deadlines, lectures, and exams. Happy to see my cohorts.

©2017 Regina Martins

Day 54 – I’m staying in a gorgeous Airbnb close to GIBS and the room is in the middle of a beautiful garden. There’s a pond with running water right outside my door, and I love the sound of running water. The garden smells so nice it being spring and all.

Day 55 – Dinner in Rosebank with 2 of my Social Entrepreneurship colleagues. 

Day 56 – I’m back home and loving sleeping in my own bed. It’s always nice sleeping in my own bed. Che and I caught up on the hilarious Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Day 57 – Che and I went food shopping – bliss! I’ve decided to go the raw vegan route for a month so I stocked up on veggies and fruit. Sunday lunch, just the 2 of us at Calisto’s

Day 58 – Rest and relaxation.

Day 59 – It rained today, the first thundershowers of the season.

Day 60 – Planning with a new client.

Come back tomorrow for the fourth instalment of this 100 happy days series.

Social Entrepreneur, chief wide eyed in wanderer, wonderer and bottlewasher


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