A to Z challenge Sagres

Blogging from A to Z: S is for Sagres

Sagres, Algarve, Portugal. Boasts the most southwestern point of Europe. As Wikipedia very kindly says:

Sagres is located in the extreme southwest of continental Europe, and marked by two geomorphological structures: the Cape St. Vincent and Sagres Point, which establish a transition between the eastern coastal and meridional zones. (Wikipedia)
A to Z challenge Sagres
©2021 Regina Martins

Population less than 2 000 people – my kind of place. Sleepy fishing villages with more restaurants and coffee shops per capita than any other place I have visited.

Amazing seafood. Market with abundant fish, seafood, and fresh fruit and vegetables. Home to an international hotel and conference center.

A to Z challenge Sagres
©2021 Regina Martins

Also home to local fishermen and an itinerant and seasonal community of hippies, surfers (amazing surf spots), and anyone that wants to drop out of society for a while. As I said, my kind of place.

It has cute little fishermen’s houses, red-roofed, brightly painted in white and shades of blue. By virtue of its location, it is also very windy.

The perfect place to just sit, stand, or lounge, gazing, watching, pondering the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything 😉

A to Z challenge Sagres
©2021 Regina Martins

From Lisbon by car it’s about two hours on the highway; three or more hours on the scenic route (I recommend this one with many stops for lunch, coffee, tea and many photos :)); a 1-hour plane trip to Faro then a car to Sagres; or two trains and a taxi ride. Take your pick but just get there.

Who can resist such beautiful scenery …? It looks so perfect.

A to Z challenge Sagres
©2021 Regina Martins

The lighthouse at Cabo de S. Vicente, southwesternmost point in Portugal and the European landmass.

A to Z challenge Sagres
©2021 Regina Martins

Look ahead and draw a straight line to North America.

A to Z challenge Sagres
©2021 Regina Martins

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