blogging from A to Z Port Louis

Blogging from A to Z: P is for Port-Louis

Port-Louis, the capital city of the island of Mauritius. I’ve visited many times but none for tourist reasons. All have been on business trips. So there is a lot that I don’t know about it. What I do know is:

  • that I feel safe walking around the city
  • there are wonderful restaurants
  • some amazing coffee shops
  • the street food is yummy and safe to eat
  • the people are happy and friendly
  • it has a strong business backbone
  • banks and ATMs abound
  • business-suited people mingle with tourists and locally dressed people to create a cultural patchwork
  • it has a lot of traffic
  • the Le Caudan Waterfront has chic high-end shops and restaurants
  • the market is a lot of fun

The Le Caudan Waterfront is decorated according to holidays and festivals. The umbrellas provided needed respite from the heat of the sun.

blogging from A to Z Port Louis
©2021 Regina Martins

The harbour. When cyclones threaten all ships and boats are told to go out to sea and tough it out – safer for everyone. I was there when a cyclone threatened the island. I’ll always remember the day that the city shut down. Everyone was sent home, the rain came down, the blue waters of the harbour turned brown with silt, and people died in a flooded under the road tunnel trying to save their food stall.

blogging from A to Z Port Louis
©2021 Regina Martins
blogging from A to Z Port Louis
©2021 Regina Martins

I do wish to return to visit as a tourist. Perhaps then I’ll take a bigger variety of photos.

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