A to Z challenge Raleigh

Blogging from A to Z: R is for Raleigh

Raleigh North Carolina. I spent most of my time working but managed to do one day of touristy stuff. I took an Uber to the centre of the city, walked around and had a wonderful day exploring. Mid-afternoon it began to rain so I took another Uber back to the hotel. I really enjoyed the day.

A to Z challenge Raleigh
©2021 Regina Martins

I started off by exploring around the North Carolina State Capitol building.

Then made my way across the road to the North Carolina Museum of History which I loved. There is so much in this museum. Below is just a small part of what there is.

Jadaculla Rock and its ancient carvings and petroglyphs.

A reminder that Blackbeard the pirate was killed at Ocracoke Island.

The Wright Brothers had their first powered flight at Kill Devil Hills.

Then I took a stroll to the historic Oakwood neighbourhood – such lovely examples of Victorian and early 20th century houses.

Past the Hugh Morson gargoyles.

And the Marbles Kids Museum. I didn’t go in, sadly. I’m sure it would’ve been so much fun.

A to Z challenge Raleigh
©2021 Regina Martins

And finally, I found myself at City Market, my kind of place.

By then I’d developed a healthy appetite and where I had such a tasty lunch – fried chicken with cornbread complete with banana pudding. Such a pity I didn’t have seconds.

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