I Dare You To Yodel More And Yawn Less

Hello friends and forgive me for my radio silence.

But I have been learning how to yodel.


It’s been such a daring experience so much so that all I’ve had time for was to photograph interesting posters stuck to the back of toilet doors.  You know when all you have time for is to take photos of such things?

In any event, the daring poster above which someone dared to pin to the back of a toilet door set me thinking about what I have dared to do lately.


So I have to come clean…I wasn’t learning how to yodel but the .gif looked cool and I wanted to include it. But the part about only being able to take photos of posters stuck to the back of toilet doors is true. But only the one above.

It feels like someone has flipped the crazy button on the world and we’re on this crazy ride for who knows how long.

So all we can do is dare…

…to do the right thing

…to live in the moment

…to overcome adversity

…reinvent oneself

…to love oneself

…to love everyone else

…to block out negativity

…to not watch the news channels

…to digitally detox

…to spend time with family

…drink wine

…eat chocolate






Have you dared lately? What kind of daring have you dared? What else can you add to this list?


WordPress Weekly Photo: Transient

All of the items in the photos below are (were) transient. They didn’t last long on the plate and their deliciousness was relished.

Fish for main meal
©2017 Regina Martins
Pork for main meal
©2017 Regina Martins
Now this definitely did not last very long…
©2017 Regina Martins
Cheese plate for dessert
©2017 Regina Martins
Hummus, olives and ciabatta
©2017 Regina Martins
A soup for a starter
©2017 Regina Martins
Two pizzas in one, it didn’t last long on the plate
©2017 Regina Martins