Love this advert! South Africa, One of a Kind!

I love Santam’s new advert so much I just had to share it. For those of you who’ve never experienced South Africa, this advert provides a glimpse. I hope you’ll get to experience it sometime soon.

Note: I’m not a Santam policyholder, just a sucker for TV adverts that tug at the heartstrings and make me laugh!

Music Monday: Ticket to the Moon

Do you have too much music on your iPod folks? I’m assuming you have an iPod. It’s like the generic name for portable music player. You know, like Kleenex is the generic for paper tissue? But I digress.

I know I have too much music on my iPod when I hear a song for the first time. We’re taking about ELO here so I’ve had it for a while.

So maybe I did hear the song for the first time or I maybe just heard it with new ears. The physical hearing apparatus have always been attached to me. So it’s got to be that I heard it with new ears, know what I mean? Let me explain.

I took in the same words and the same melody with the same senses as before but I experienced them differently because the filters through which I made sense of the song were different. Filters help us make sense of how we experience the world. When one’s filters are limited our experiences of the world are also limited. The opposite also applies.

It’s useful to remember that filters are also culture-specific. In interviews conducted with people from China and India asking if they were “happy” the response was that they hadn’t thought about it. In Western societies where the pursuit of happiness is seen as a right, the filter of happiness is widespread (NLPU Encyclopedia).

So what song led to this whole analysis of perception and filters. It’s ELO’s Ticket to the Moon. Here it is. Enjoy!

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Who remembers these 70s TV shows?

It’s inevitable that as children we’re influenced by what we see, hence the importance of parental control. There wasn’t much sex or violence on TV in the 70s…at least not on South African television.

South Africa in the 70s was insular and closed. Media was heavily censored. TV was only introduced in the late 70s. These TV shows opened things up a little for those fortunate few who had a TV.

Which 70s shows do you remember fondly?

Little House on the Prairie – Every Sunday night the whole family gathered around the TV to watch the latest episode. My sister and I identified with the Ingalls sisters – me with Mary, being the eldest. It was because of this series that we started calling my Mom and Dad, Ma and Pa. We still do. Enjoy the video below of the opening and closing music and credits.

MacGyver – I had a crush on Richard Dean Anderson. Because of him I started carrying a swiss army knife in my bag. And paperclips. I never knew when I’d need them – any tool would do!

Emergency! – This was when I discovered the existence of paramedics. I was bitterly disappointed that I couldn’t dial 911 from South Africa.

Chopper One – It didn’t last longer than 1 season. I had a crush on Dirk Benedict. At one stage I wanted to learn how to fly a helicopter. I never did.

“CHiPS” – Monday evenings were CHiPS evenings, dinner was gobbled as quickly as possible to be in front of the TV when it came on. My fascination with bikes started then.

Which 70s shows do you remember fondly?

Make me smile, get me dancing

This song is guaranteed to make me smile, even more than that, get me dancing…even if I’m in the car in the middle of a traffic jam. My spirits are instantly lifted and I do the inevitable sing-along.

Who does this too? What song gets you smiling and dancing, wherever you are?

Imagine Dragons – I’m on Top of the World