Object Or Object?

Isn’t the English language just wonderful?

Take today’s WordPress one-word prompt “object“. I read it as “object – a thing you can see, touch and smell and maybe even taste”, if you’re that way inclined.

Someone else might read it as “object – to express disapproval for something”.

Linguistically they are known as heteronyms – words that are spelt the same but are pronounced differently and have different meaning.

christmas tree ornament 1 - reginamartins.com

I object to placing the priceless object in full view of the public – like the one in the featured photo above. It is an old Christmas ornament that I found in my Gran’s flat in Portugal. It is rather delicate. I brought it all the way back home because it is a reminder of my Grandmother. For me this object is priceless – an object that I object displaying in public in case it breaks.

Here are some more examples:

I advocate the advocate to speak on my behalf.

The dove dove straight down to catch the worm wriggling on the grass.

The nurse wound the bandage around the wound.

Interesting neh?

I love English.


4 thoughts on “Object Or Object?”

  1. The two interpretations to the prompt did come into my mind and wondered which one I was going to go along with. Thanks Regina I am now clear of which one I can write a post on after reading your post thanks for clarifying it for me. You are great.
    Mabel R. Nyazika recently posted…Drawing LinesMy Profile

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