For as long as I can remember my day is incomplete without reading from a book, one of my loves.

reading book

As a child I couldn’t wait to get home and lose myself in a book. I was quite disciplined about it too – I read until 3pm, then I did my homework before burying myself into the alternate worlds which books offered me once again.

As I grew up reading took on another dimension – that of learning something new and no longer just for enjoyment. I resented that – the worlds I had to lose myself in were not so welcoming anymore. I now had to pay attention to the ideas and no longer experience them emotionally. At least that’s what it felt like to me.

To get through tomes of university readings I rewarded myself with a chapter from the current novel I was reading.

Balancing business books with fiction has become the norm now. My preference is still for fantasy, spy-thrillers and science-fiction literature for easy every day reading.

My day is still incomplete without reading from a book.

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