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Keeping At It

What does “having it all” mean to you? Is it attainable?

It’s relative.

You can’t know what having it all is unless you know what all is.

Without a vision, purpose, the proverbial north-star, having it all has no context.

With the north-star, setting goals for different contexts becomes easier, attainable.

For example in terms of academics I have it all: I have a degree and many diplomas and certifications. This all I want so in terms of academics I have it all.

In terms of fitness I still have goals to achieve like the discipline of a morning workout cadence. I’m not there yet.

So having it all is attainable, you just need to know what you want, set goals and move forward as you put them into action, step-by-step, bit-by-bit, until you realize, in that context, you have it all.

Just keep at it.

Onwards and upwards.