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Gallery: Some Buildings in Commissioner Street

I went to the CBD yesterday and took these pics of buildings in Commissioner street. It is sad to see some derelict buildings next to nice ones (I didn’t take photos of the derelict ones).

I especially love the mural at the entrance to the Rea Vaya bus station.

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With Not Much Expectation

Che and I keep a compost heap and daily throw out vegetable scraps. Some of these seed containing scraps normally yield butternut, gem squash and tomato plants.

We let them grow informally with not much expectation of produce. Often they are not strong plants and don’t yield much.

There are other times when we are pleasantly surprised. Like this year, these gem squashes made an appearance and surprised us with their size and number.

Gem squashes from our garden
©2017 Regina Martins


At The End Of The Day…

…when all is said and done I revel in the peace and solitude the setting of the sun brings…and immerse myself in the colours of nature’s palette.There is nothing more beautiful to me than a Johannesburg sunset.


Our Christmasses Are Green

Have I told you yet that our Christmasses are green?

We don’t have white Christmasses here, we have green ones. Green hills, green grass, green heat. The sky is blue. The pool is blue. It’s summer here. Maybe in the early morning when soft mist rolls in high lying areas there is a bit of white. It is soon replaced by green though.

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What A Day! It Was Nice, Yes.

What a day! It was nice, yes it was.

First a young man in a souped up Golf and I had a celebration on the road. You see, he was driving too fast, and so was I. He had good brakes and fast reflexes and so did I. So it was all very amicable – **not** – and we wished each other well with lots of finger and hand gestures.

All this because I was late for a client meeting. At least I thought I was. Waze got me there safely and on time. As I sat waiting with my colleague for the clients to arrive, and getting progressively antsy with their tardiness, I took a look at my calendar and saw that it was for 9h30. I had raced through the CBD, challenging minibus taxis not to cut in front of me with only a single a glare which had the drivers quaking in their boots and happily letting me through, thinking that it was at 9h00.

So it was a bonus to get there ahead of time and get my breath back. I, a Portuguese-South African, celebrated with a pizza and cappuccino afterwards in a lovely Italian bistro owned by a Greek couple.

Such is life in South Africa. It’s all very interesting it is.