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Stream of Consciousness: Of Rains and Plans

Stream of consciousness January 5th, posted on January 10th … oh well …


It’s raining now, softly-ish, filling the pool with lovely water that I can use later for backwashing and cleaning out the filter. The pool level is almost to the top. It’s rainy, with only a few hours of sunshine over the middle of the day: there’s a sleepy quality to the day; the cats certainly think so, dozing as they are. Looking out into the distance I see that it is foggy, unusual for this time of year; it is after all summer here. But it’s not a cold rain; I am sitting on the sofa wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

I’ve scrolled through Instagram (twice), re-read certain parts of A Little Life (again) and read a chapter of a book on my phone. I’m still on leave for the next 2 weeks and only now, in the new year am I really relaxing. The stress of Christmas and new year celebrations are over, and now my time is my own for the next 2 weeks: then work starts again.

I’m almost wishing I was back at work but I know how important and precious this time off is. But can an entrepreneur and business owner really take time off? My thoughts are with my business occupying my sleeping and waking moments: waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, worried, weird dreams expressing fears – I can’t wait to get back to it and get this show on the road. To make this year a good year, another good year, a better year. I have plans, growth plans. Being the best, being better, being being being. Just being. I find that I rather enjoy the business side of things. It’s exciting, exhilarating, stimulating, and creative and now I’m able to do what I want without needing to ask for permission. The business is my own and I only want the best for it. The best for my team. The best for my clients.



Stream of consciousness #6

– 300 words … let’s go!

First week back at work, and it started with a bang and a bombshell. It’s been a rainy week which is good for the garden. I only had to water it once. BC the cat has been my constant work companion, sleeping the day away in my office as I slave in front of a Zoom camera. He wakes up when he wants to jump onto my lap, and when I don’t allow him to (because, you know, I need to type and stuff), he jumps on to the desk and proceeds to do some typing of his own. I needed to use the backspace key a few times because there were just too many typos. He sleeps again in the afternoon and wakes up when it’s time for dinner – like clockwork.

I’ve been feasting on protein during the day because I’m working out quite hard in the evenings. This week I’ve feasted on the run so I boiled some eggs which I grabbed when I needed a snack. With coffee. Coffee has been my constant work-from-home companion (the vagaries of BC the cat have not gone unnoticed in terms of his lack of constancy). The routine of a coffee break on the other hand creates an anchor of comfort and predictibility, something which is very welcome during these uncertain times.

On another point: there is so much noise about vaccines and vaccine roll-out plans that I found myself getting very stressed and prone to feeling some FOMO. The best thing for me is to not give much attention to this topic and just patiently wait for the vaccine, and my turn to receive it, whenever that is. I’m fortunate that I can work from home until then. The noise in the world has either increased or amplified due to Covid. For an introvert like me it’s time to switch off for a bit. I’m a confessed news junkie though so I need to see how this is going to work out for me.

– 345 words – The End.