Stream of consciousness #6

– 300 words … let’s go!

First week back at work, and it started with a bang and a bombshell. It’s been a rainy week which is good for the garden. I only had to water it once. BC the cat has been my constant work companion, sleeping the day away in my office as I slave in front of a Zoom camera. He wakes up when he wants to jump onto my lap, and when I don’t allow him to (because, you know, I need to type and stuff), he jumps on to the desk and proceeds to do some typing of his own. I needed to use the backspace key a few times because there were just too many typos. He sleeps again in the afternoon and wakes up when it’s time for dinner – like clockwork.

I’ve been feasting on protein during the day because I’m working out quite hard in the evenings. This week I’ve feasted on the run so I boiled some eggs which I grabbed when I needed a snack. With coffee. Coffee has been my constant work-from-home companion (the vagaries of BC the cat have not gone unnoticed in terms of his lack of constancy). The routine of a coffee break on the other hand creates an anchor of comfort and predictibility, something which is very welcome during these uncertain times.

On another point: there is so much noise about vaccines and vaccine roll-out plans that I found myself getting very stressed and prone to feeling some FOMO. The best thing for me is to not give much attention to this topic and just patiently wait for the vaccine, and my turn to receive it, whenever that is. I’m fortunate that I can work from home until then. The noise in the world has either increased or amplified due to Covid. For an introvert like me it’s time to switch off for a bit. I’m a confessed news junkie though so I need to see how this is going to work out for me.

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6 thoughts on “Stream of consciousness #6”

  1. Like you I am just waiting toll I am invited to the jab. In the mean time I continue wearing a mask whenever I need to, keep social distancing and washing my hands as often as I remember.
    Nearly a year now Listening to Covid related news its no longer interesting anymore, if any thing it’s now very depressing.
    Thanks for your post.

    1. Hi Mabel, it is so good to hear from you! I hope you are well.
      I’m also over reading Covid news but sometimes a headline draws me in and I can’t help it 🙁 – today I feel particularly sad about the whole situation.
      On a positive note, it’s a beautiful day here today; we are expecting some rain and wind from the cyclone tomorrow, although here in Joburg we will not be hit as bad as other parts.
      Have an amazing day!

  2. Unless you enjoy some form of privilege like an essential worker or have connections or very rich, or get yourself on a trial program or just plain lucky I doubt the vaccine will be reaching you soon or maybe never…
    Listening to the news about vaccines it seems to be a whole lotta talk, till then we mask up, sanitize and social distance

    1. I’m hopeful civil society will place pressure on government to be transparent. And if they can’t come to the party they need to let private sector and private citizens help with negotiations and logistical planning for distribution, and money.

      (PS – apologies for this late reply; we had load shedding which created an electrical fault in the neighbourhood so we were without power for most of the weekend 🙁

  3. I’m thankful for my day to day routines, work (I work in a Veterinary Lab) my horses, my garden (which is in need of new plantings) and my crafts. Oh and writing my blog! Lol – I can be a news junkie too, but need to shut it off for awhile when I can’t take the news! Trying to stay sane in this insane world right now!! ❤️

    P.S. your kitty sounds ADORABLE!! Silly kitties, love my furry friends!

    1. I read today that routines are the best for this pandemic time; the thing that can keep people’s sanity. I can also attest to that.
      (PS – apologies for being late in replying; we had load shedding most of the weekend!)
      Have an amazing week!

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