Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Texture

Texture – a simple word that describes complex human experience. Note: artistic or writer’s license has been liberally used in the crafting of this post.

The visual , the look of something, its characteristic, like smooth water.

©2017 Regina Martins

The auditory – the sound of something, like a piece of music, how music feels to the ear – melodious, heavy or discordant, like the sounds of waves crashing on the beach and the elevated voices of people playing in the surf.

©2017 Regina Martins

The kinaesthetic – how something feels like when you run your hand over the surface, like stroking the soft fur of a cat or walking over rough rocks.

©2017 Regina Martins

The olfactory – how something smells like the floral or exotic texture of a perfume and the smell of the African bush.

©2017 Regina Martins

The gustatory – rubbery oysters, a silky créme caramel or a crunchy cookie.

Entered in Cee’s Black & White photo challenge with the theme of Texture.


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