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Cee’s Black & White Challenge; black and white photography

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: View From the Side

What is this little boy doing, sitting all alone on a bench? Waiting for someone to sit and have a chat. He’s very cute.

What is this little boy doing on a bench?
©2019 Regina Martins

I love this sideways look of Che’s hands whilst he was taking a photo.

Reflections on a window
©2019 Regina Martins

This scary-looking statue stands guard, protecting the temple and all that’s inside.

Scary-looking protector
©2019 Regina Martins

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Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Tongues and Tails

This week it’s about tongues and tails. Well, my offering this week doesn’t include cute cats or dogs. It’s a statue of Buddha in meditation pose sitting on a serpent. When Buddha began meditating, the wise serpent Mucalinda came out of the forest to protect Buddha from the elements after he attained enlightenment – the Buddhist Naga has the form of a great cobra and is depicted sometimes with many heads and other times with one head, commonly found in Burma, Laos, and Thailand.

Can you see the serpent’s tail curling around its body on which Buddha is sitting?
©2018 Regina Martins
This is the front past of the Buddhist Naga statue
©2018 Regina Martins

Cee Black and White Photo Challenge.