WordPress Weekly Challenge: Path – Making My Own Way


I like forging new paths where previously there was none
©2016 Regina Martins


Put me in a box at your peril. Keep your unsolicited advice to your yourself.
©2016 Regina Martins


WordPress weekly photo – Path.


Look at What I Found – a Retrospective Perspective

I got the idea of writing (or is it compiling) a found poem from the lines of my 10 favourite posts from Michelle W’s post on this week’s Discover Challenge – Retrospective. I will list these posts at the end of this piece. It is my effort to gather all the strands of 2016 in a fun way.

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My Biggest Words Of 2016

It is not surprising that my biggest word for 2016 was Home. I wrote about Home and Identity many times on these pages this year. With all the travelling I have done, coming back home was awesome. I enjoy travelling and seeing new places and I do it because I know I have my home to come back to, to ground, recharge and reconnect with myself.

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