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Gallery: Some Buildings in Commissioner Street

I went to the CBD yesterday and took these pics of buildings in Commissioner street. It is sad to see some derelict buildings next to nice ones (I didn’t take photos of the derelict ones).

I especially love the mural at the entrance to the Rea Vaya bus station.

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At The End Of The Day…

…when all is said and done I revel in the peace and solitude the setting of the sun brings…and immerse myself in the colours of nature’s palette.There is nothing more beautiful to me than a Johannesburg sunset.


Graceful Clouds

Hello friends! Che and I had a late gym session yesterday and when I got back home I was so knackered I had little energy for blogging. I did yoga and I must say that it was a good session. It stretched me in ways my body had never been before and afterwards I felt so light, as though I was breathing through my spine. If this sounds airy-fairy just try a good session of yoga with an instructor that knows their stuff and let me know 😉

From the gracefulness of yoga to the gracefulness of today’s clouds. It was a glorious summers day and Johannesburg was in her element, showing off her glorious weather for all to enjoy. She was in show-off mode today. Just look at the gallery below (unedited).

And now, an edited photo (using Snapseed) of the threatening thunderstorm just two-hours later.

Threatening thunderstorm in Johannesburg
©2017 Regina Martins

The storm hasn’t yet arrived and the clouds have somewhat cleared. Still waiting…