Blogging From A To Z Challenge 2016

I signed up today for April’s Blogging from A-Z challenge.  I’ve been working on a theme and will reveal it on the 21st. Go on over to the site to sign-up.

The basic rules are that you have to post every day in April except for Sundays. Since that makes 26 days, it concides with how many letters there are in the alphabet.

On day 1 you blog about something starting with the letter “A”, the next day post about something starting with the letter “B” and so forth – you get the idea.

It’s not mandatory that you use a theme. I use one because it helps me prepare posts in advance. If I had to come up with something to blog about on the fly I’d probably not get very far.

This is the second year I’m participating. If you want to participate, click on this link for the sign-up page.



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