What Does Pink Smell Like?

Spring has sprung
On the green grass we run
Come out and have some fun
<and there's another line I can't recall>

©2015 Regina Martins
©2015 Regina Martins

That ladies and gentlemen is a poem I wrote…or maybe my sister,D,  wrote…some thirty odd years ago when we were in primary school. One of us wrote it for the other to publish in the school magazine. Which it was. It was good team work.

Every Spring that poem settles in my mind until Summer arrives. It is an automatic thing which I welcome :-). Sometimes I remember the last line, and other times I don’t. All I know is that it rhymes with “”sprung”, “run” and “fun”.

As I took a break from work today I wandered around the slowly awakening garden. I noticed that the peach tree is blossoming slower this Spring. September started off hot and then considerably cooled down with the first rains of the season. Perhaps that is the reason for the slowness.

©2015 Regina Martins
©2015 Regina Martins

I have been long worried about this tree. It grew very quickly into the fully grown tree it is now, but we have never had a peach yield. Little green peaches replace the blossoms when they fall off, grow to about 5 cms and then, sometime in December, commit mass peach harakiri overnight.

The next morning the ground underneath the tree is littered with small green peaches, the branches denuded of fruit.

Google says to look at the pH levels of the soil, to remove dead or dry twigs and old peaches still on the tree and to also feed the soil. The tree is in full sunlight and the soil is sandy – it’s supposed to be clay-type. Next Sunday I shall go to the nursery to buy fertiliser and pH regulator (can you regulate the pH of soil just like you can that of a pool?) and to invest in a 3-legged orchard ladder to get at the old dried out peaches and branches.

©2015 Regina Martins
©2015 Regina Martins

It may be a bit late in the season to do this but I am going to  try it anyway.

The blossoms on the tree are beautiful and I stepped closer to smell them. Never having smelt a peach blossom I can say that I was not surprised that they smelt so light and delicate. Just like pink! If pink had a smell, that’s exacatly what it would smell like!

…and all was well with the world.

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  1. We had a plum tree once that never produced even tiny, green plums until one year when it broke out with tons. Seems the conditions were just right that year.

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