I’m a Naked Niche Blogger!

I finally know what I am. A Naked Niche blogger!

There are parenting bloggers, food bloggers, DYI bloggers…there are bloggers for all niches. They seems to have loads of followers and build up an audience quickly.

And then there’s the non-niche bloggers, like me. We blog about many topics. Often I don’t know what I’m going to write about as I open my laptop. I call myself an eclectic blogger. I like the term Naked Niche blogger too.

Jen@MuddyBootDreams says it so well: “We’re the ones who go from topic to topic, changing our subjects like our socks.  We touch on various ideas.  We express our thoughts and our feelings, learning and trying different things as we go.”

With regards to audience she goes on to say: “Your so-called “audience” is made up of real people: bloggers that you follow, and who follow you. They care about what you write, and they come to read your blog because they like you, and you like themThey are not just anonymous commenters who stop by occasionally to learn how to makeover a piece of furniture, find a good chicken recipe, or the best way to hang a curtain rod.”

I’ve found a group of wonderful bloggers in Sparky’s Blog Challenge. We communicate on Facebook.

And it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one out there feeling the way I do. I’m a Naked Niche blogger ;-)!

Read Jen’s full article here.


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