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A to Z Challenge: K is for Knowledge

Merriam-Webster’s definition of knowledge includes:

  1. the fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gains through experience or association
  2. acquaintance with or understanding of a science, art or technique
  3. the fact or condition of being aware of something (2): the range of one’s information or understanding
  4. the sum of what is known: the body of truth, information, and principles acquired by humankind

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Love – hate

Black – white

Good – bad

Up – down

Tall – short.

Nothing matters…

It all matters!

I’m not looking for perfection – I’m looking for value

I’m looking for gain – I’m looking to gain…

A new perspective

A new knowledge

A different insight

A difference

A sameness

A betterness

Always a betterness

Of what went before

Of what was before.


If you’ve made it this far – congratulations! And thank you. I just needed to get this out of my system.

Today I am not the same person I was yesterday. Tomorrow I will be someone different to today.

If you are part of my life, it’s important to keep up!