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Weekend Coffee Share: The Christmas Decorations Edition

Hello and welcome to this edition of weekend coffee share. Let’s have a cup and a chat. Can you believe that it’s November and Christmas decorations are up in the mall already. 6 weeks, or so, to Christmas.

How do I feel about this? I’m fine with it. There are some who complain about the commercialisation of Christmas and each year the decorations are up earlier and earlier. My take on this is that I can enjoy the beauty and ingenuity of the decorations and not be influenced by commercialisation. I will buy something if I want to, not because I feel compelled.

Financially things are tough at the moment in South Africa. I feel like I’m going backwards financially. My money buys less each year. My salary has remained the same for the last 2 years. I am seriously worried about my savings and retirements investments going backwards.  Relocating to another country is an option but a tough decision to make.

Political shenanigans and policy uncertainty means a volatile economy, the country was downgraded to junk status a year or so ago. And yet life goes on. People still buy new cars, on debt, houses, on debt. Still go to the malls, some on debt. Shops are looking for any opportunity to market and promote their products. It is in the malls’ interest to put up Christmas decorations early, because they rely rental income and people coming in to remain open.

Let’s move away from the depressing talk. This week was home, home, work, work, sales meeting, grocery shopping, spring cleaning. My study needs a good revamp and I started today by getting rid of paper-based kipple I no longer need. I also have tons of stationery, most of it I got as part of conference goodie bags or from hotels where I attended training or seminars. I put all that I don’t want into a large shoe box to donate to the church and SPCA. I kept a few items in a very small box – I mean how many pens and highlighters do I need at any one time?

I’ve been spending some time by The Minimalists website, and I want to downscale. I already have on clothes and shoes and bags, and more need to go. I also came across alejandra.tv, and watched one of her videos – I want my house to be organised just like hers! She uses colour to good effect. Check this video out:

Oh well that’s it for today. Because I spent the day tidying up my study our coffee is a short one. I hope you have a great week.

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6 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: The Christmas Decorations Edition”

  1. It feels like organizing and downsizing is the unofficial theme of this coffee share 🙂 I like it, and maybe it’s the season? I consider myself a minimalist. I’ve realized that the less stuff I own, the more free I feel. I currently have I bedroom, with a big closet/storage space, and a nice restroom (bathtub, toilet, two sinks. ) It’s on the upper floor of a house belonging to a family who’s kids I take care of Mon- Fri. It’s included in my salary, located in a very nice part of Las Vegas, and just perfect. I don’t need more space. Previously I’ve spent a couple years living in an RV. That was also perfect, for me and my daughter, before she started school. We where free to take our home with us wherever we wanted. I rather have less stuff (but it has to be the right stuff…I am picky,) and more time. Thank you for the coffee, and an inspiring post. I apologize for being so late..

    1. Apologies for replying so late , I’ve been at a conference away from home. I saw a Tiny Home programme yesterday and loved the way they are so cleverly built, how space is optimally used and in smart ways. I am also picky about what I want to keep and what I can do without. For me it is the emotional attachment to something and what it means to let it go. Often my husband and I stay at Airbnbs and it’s amazing that we can do quite comfortably with so little that I know we can do it. I’m aiming for minimalism, after a life of accumulation of stuff, so it’s been a process and it is still ongoing

  2. Hi Regina,
    My daughter is also following the minimalist trend and I’m thinking there are things here that would make my life much more pleasant. Please stay in touch with our coffee share and keep us posted. I’d like to know how it goes and what you discover. Blessings.

    1. I shall do that, it will make it fun. I watched a programme on Tiny Homes last night and loved the clever use of space. Now there’s clever minimalism.

    1. Thanks for coming by! Next week I have a whole lot of stuff to take to the charity shops. It’s not common in South Africa for them to pick things up, as far as I know. I must ask because I have a few big pieces of furniture that I want to give away.

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