5 Things I Love About Cities

I was born and bred in the city.

I love the hustle and the bustle.

In as much as I like to occasionally get away to wide open spaces I find that I can quite easily ‘get away’ to a city and recharge my batteries just as effectively as being at the beach, the mountains or wide open spaces.

I love the vibe and the hum.

I still have dreams of owning a loft style penthouse at the top of a building overlooking a city. Glass floor to ceiling, double glazed, off course.

I love finding hidden green spaces.

I feel immediate relaxation when I come within sight of a city. I feel even more relaxed when I find shopping malls!

I love seeing how families adapt to city living.

I’m curious about the large metropolises in China. It must be fascinating and very Blade Runner-ish!

I love the people.

Right now I’m yearning to visit Lisbon again. I’ve been there so many times and yet I know that I’ve merely scratched the surface of knowing it fully.

That’s me…a city kid at heart…