The Whirlwind That Has Been The Last Week

I last blogged on October 14th, a day before my birthday. In spite of that, many of you have continued to visit me here in this space and left me comments. Cee also chose me to be one of the Featured Bloggers in her Black and White Photo Challenge – “any kind of camera or photos of photographers“.

Yesterday, I received a message on Twitter from a writer, blogger and entrepreneur, Roche Mamabolo, whose writing I enjoy, with a message of encouragement to not stop writing. In this busy time it was amazing to receive that message, especially from someone that I admire.

For all of that I am grateful!

Those of you that follow me on Twitter may have seen tweets that had nothing to do with blogging or photography. That’s because I am now part of the wonderful international community of Agilists that work for agile42 and I have been consumed in the past week with the South African launch events.

On October 15th was the Cape Town launch of agile42 and yesterday was the Joburg launch. It’s been a whirlwind since then, and in the middle of it all was the Scrum Gathering at which I presented a workshop on the good patterns and anti-patterns of leaders that support or undermine an organisational transition towards an Agile way of working.

Ok, so all this probably belongs in my Agile blog and not on this one, so I will stop here.

On Sunday was my birthday celebration and being with my family, with good food, conversation, and a lovely location certainly exceeded my expectations. It was a wonderful day!

Tomorrow at 7h00 (eeeek! 5h00 at the airport), I’m flying to Cape Town for a coach camp at Pat Busch in the mountains of Robertson – I’m told that there will be no cellphone signal and MAYBE wifi in some spots, so I will not be blogging, again. Please do continue to come by. I plan to take lots of photos so there will be good subject-matter for next week’s posts.

In the meantime, enjoy some photos of the Tap Room at the Devil’s Peak Brewery in Cape Town which was the gorgeous venue for the Cape Town launch.


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