Blog posts I started writing but are still in my drafts folder

  1. A tale of two cities – in response to a WordPress daily prompt, missed the chance.
  2. Belief and the power of denial – had a good idea, started something and then wasn’t happy with where it went – a work in progress.
  3. The mark that counts – about the SA elections, but ended up doing another simpler photo post.
  4. Educating girls – an important post, this is a work in progress, more research needed.
  5. (no title) – an empty draft – what was I thinking?
  6. Why saying NO is so hard – work in progress, more research needed.
  7. Multitasking – a few keywords typed up, possibly a complex post.
  8. Fight the power – hmmm…I can’t remember now what I wanted to say – it’s an empty draft!
  9. (no title) – another one…see No. 5 above.
  10. Never surrender – a complex post started and not finished.
  11. 21/03/1960 – about the Sharpeville Massacre – started on the day but not finished. An emotional post. Perhaps I will complete it for next year’s anniversary.
  12. What makes a winning team? – fits better in my other blog. So many articles have been written about this, and I have nothing new to contribute, so it’s on hold for now.
  13. Letting go – inspired by a post I read – I knew what I wanted to say in my mind but when faced with the blank screen and keyboard I hit a blank.
  14. Filters – a work in progress – I don’t know where I want to take it, so it’s on hold for now.
  15. My favourite Joburg – I love Joburg! I live and work here. Many posts have been written about Joburg and I don’t want to rehash something that’s been written about – I’m still looking for a unique angle.


2 thoughts on “Blog posts I started writing but are still in my drafts folder”

    1. I think it’s overthinking that causing me to come up with blanks when I want to write. I like what you say – just do and apologise later.

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