Weekly photo challenge: Letters

Barely a couple of hours after landing in San Francisco I found myself walking through Union Square to the iStore.

Imbibing the night life, the energetic atmosphere of this wonderful city, I couldn’t resist taking this photo. I would so dearly have loved to go in, have a drink and some pasta, whilst listening to thrummy jazz.

Isn’t music such a universal language?



Subjectively lifting the spirits.

No translation needed! Don’t you think?
San Francisco Union Square - Music, the universal language
San Francisco Union Square – Music, the universal language


Summer clouds


I can tell from the clouds that summer is tapering off into glorious autumn.

In summer, cotton-woolish cumulusnimbus clouds show who’s boss with thunderstorms, hail and lightning. It isn’t fun driving in these conditions because visibility reduces to almost nil, in some cases golf-ball sized hailstones seriously dent many cars.

The rain is warm, of short duration, and it’s also the time when many electrical appliances get taken out by lightning.

Despite the intensity of these storms, I will miss them during the colder months…because for as long as there’s cumulusnimbus clouds in the sky, there is summer on the ground.